To Intervene or Not to Intervene: The Practitioner or Parent’s Role in Infant Development

A baby is rocking, pushing and reaching, trying to figure out how to use his body in order to grab his favorite toy.  Or maybe he has grabbed that toy but wants to roll onto his back to play with it.  A recent blog post from a well-respected parenting educator […]

Body Perception in Newborns

In my last newsletter, I referenced Warren Jones and Ami Klin’s groundbreaking research in measuring an infant’s gaze pattern as an early predictor of autism.  In an earlier TEDTalk, Klin spoke of the fundamental importance of social engagement in the development of our sense of self and of others.  Social […]

Babies Need A Parent’s Touch

Touch is the baby’s gateway to learning about himself and the world. Parents provide many of the occasions for touch that researchers have shown play crucial roles in early development. These same occasions also feel important and nurturing to the parent, and set up a healthy feedback loop between baby […]

Tummy Time and Cultural Considerations

Since 1992, parents have been urged to put their infants to sleep on their backs, instead of on their bellies, in an effort to reduce the rate of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  Concern that lack of experience in the prone position would delay infant development soon led to the recommendation […]

Embodied Cognition and Perceptual-Motor Experience 

We know that a well-informed parent or caregiver plays a critical role in providing meaningful experiences that shape an infant’s development.  My colleague Lynn Shea, an OT/Early Intervention specialist, forwarded an article cited below that got me to thinking a bit more about the ‘tummy time controversy’.  In alignment with […]

Historia de la Dra. Chava Shelhav sobre el Dr. Feldenkrais

Como joven madre con dolor de espalda tuve suerte de encontrarme con Moshe Feldenkrais. No sólo realmente me desarrollé profesionalmente, su trabajo cambió también mi salud. Me había recién graduado en el “Hakibbutzim College” con un título en educación física cuando me encontré con el Dr. Feldenkrais y comencé a […]